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  1. These Regulations defines the general conditions for access to and use of go28days held at http://go28days.com and the terms of service.
  2. The regulations define the rights and obligations of the service users.
  3. Anyone with the access to the Service (hereinafter: "You") agrees unconditionally to the contents of the Rules.
  4. Any answer or information given by this Service does not constitute medical practice or advice, nor is it intended to replace the necessity of consultation with a physician. The information contained in the go28days.com web site is provided for information and educational purposes only. This material is not intended as a substitute for consulting a physician or other health care professionals.

§1 Definitions

Any word capitalized (with its role defined below) is to be understood as follows:

  1. Regulations - this document;
  2. Service - the Internet application at http://go28days.com which is a set of components that together with a set of Internet services serve the users and other entities that will be interested in all the services offered by the service
  3. Administrator - the owner and manager of the 28dni.pl , a limited liability company with headquarters in Czestochowa ,13 Garncarska Street Apt 3, using the following numbers REGON 240741874, NIP 9492060856, KRS 000292626;
  4. Inbox - the electronic mailbox with the individual user login, that you may use to send and receive messages inside the Service;
  5. User - a person of at least a limited capacity to act (not incapacitated, at least 13 years of age) who will effectively register to the Service, through the acquisition of Logins and password that allows logging in the account;
  6. Login - individual and unique user name on our site, chosen at the registration process ;
  7. The account - available to the user, after registering to our service, place on our site, through which the user enters and manages data and other elements related to participation in the Service and its services;
  8. Chart - part of the system that allows graphical display of all the entered daily observation data;
  9. Sharing – your deliberate action as to include or exclude access to the data collected and displayed on the card as well as to the series of comments under the card
  10. Profile go28days - information, data and other elements provided voluntarily and independently by you to the Service
  11. Help – the services provided by the Administrator. The Service users can learn how to implement specific actions to achieve the desired objectives;
  12. Comment - a form of expression, adding a personal note to the cycle Card shared by another user.

§2 General Information

  1. The Administrator is the owner of the Service.
  2. The administrator provides service to all the Internet users
  3. Any comments, information and inquiries regarding the Service may be send to the Administrator at contact@go28days.com, or via regular postal address.
  4. The service provides the network system capable of collecting data from daily observation and display them on the chart. The Service provides also additional services supporting its services.
  5. Only registered user can fully benefit from the services provided by go28days.com
  6. Registration and use of the Service is free.
  7. In the future the service can provide other free or paid services.
  8. Participation in the Service is voluntary.
  9. The Administrator will keep on informing You of any changes in the Service.

§3 Terms of Use

  1. Registration constitutes acceptance of the Rules.
  2. Each user can have unlimited number of cards with the unlimited data added.
  3. You can change the access to your cards at any time convenient.
  4. Comments to the charts may be added only by registered users.
  5. You publish your comments and opinions only at your own risk. The Administrator doesn’t accept no responsibility for the content posted by the users of the Service.
  6. You mustn’t publish any content against the law (anything what is considered to be illegal; racial, religious or ethnic hatred or promotes violence).
  7. It is unacceptable to place any content widely considered immoral or socially inappropriate.
  8. Setting the chart and entering data:
    1. You agree on the other users’ comments to Your chart
    2. You can remove other users’ comments without giving reasons
    3. You agree on the change and removal of the comments that other users published below your chart
    4. You may change the access to your Card anytime preventing other users to change their prior comments
  9. 1.You don’t have any obligation to update the data in your profile.

§4 Registration

  1. You may register only 1 account on the basis of one Email address. Login is unique and You cannot change it.
  2. Activating your account is voluntary.
  3. After the proper registration You will get the activating link to the previously given Email.

§5 Resignation from the Service and account’s removal

  1. You may remove your account at any time convenient choosing the DELETE ACCOUNT option. All personal data and information previously entered to the Service will be automatically removed.
  2. Your account may be blocked or removed by the Administrator without any warn if he finds out that You break the rules, insult other users via internal messages or below the charts, advertise or send spam messages.
  3. If you remove your account or the Administrator blocks it, you cannot register with the same login without the prior Administrator’s agreement.

§6 Assurance, reservations and responsibility

  1. The Administrator will make every effort to ensure the confidence of the data entered by You to the Service.
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to introduce to the Service new functional and technical solutions.
  3. The Administrator may remove comments which are against the law, insult the users or the Service owner and violate the copyright or personal rights. The comment’s removal does not require justification.
  4. The Administrator reserves the right to use any elements of the Service for commercial activities or advertising between the users.
  5. The Administrator reserves the right to publish the content of users’ inquiries to HELP, including the most repeated questions (FAQ), which may be worthy of publication.
  6. The Administrator reserves the right to a temporary, partial or total exclusion of the Service to add new services or for maintaining purposes without giving earlier notice to the users.
  7. The Administrator dos not bear the responsibility of
    1. your password possession by the third-party
    2. data loss caused by the equipment or system failures or the Internet failures and other circumstances unrelated to the Administrator
    3. content published by the users i.e. comments, messages and others

§7 Final

  1. The administrator reserves the right to change the Rules at any time, without giving any reason.
  2. These Regulations apply from the moment of its publication.

Czestochowa, dnia 17.05.2008 r.