The payments, the validity of accounts, the free month.

How to make a payment?
For information on how to complete your payment, see the payment section.
Will my data be erased after 30 days?
No. Your data is stored in our system forever. You can return to it, even several years after your initial registration.
What if I do not pay my account after 30 days?
After 30 days, the system will block your account, reducing the basic options (blocking the data input to a chart and creating new cycles). You will be able to continue logging in, making comments, and changing the settings. The system will unlock the other options only at the time of payment.
Is the free month included in the subscription?
No. You receive the free month after registration. Use this time to test and learn go28days. If you make a payment in 30 days during the test, the fee is charged from the end of the free 30-days period.
Example: you have registered on 01/07/2007, your free 30-days expires on 01.08.2007, making a payment for 3 months on 10.07.2007 (during free month). The account in this case will be updated until 01.11.2008. In short, you have 4 months respectively.
Where can I find the information about the validity of my account?
For payment history and the information about the time of validity of your account, see the payment section.
20% discount for regular users.
The next renewal of accounts provides a discount of 20%.
Extend the validity of your account by the free month.
Invite a friend to 28dni using the form of recommending message or in person.
When your friend makes a payment have her put your username in the field marked &qout;free month&qout;. At the time of her payment you will automatically receive a free month. You will be informed of this after you login to your account.
How fast can I get help with go28days?
At any time you can ask direct questions using the contact form with Administrator or by writing to the email address
How do I delete my account?
Enter the global settings. There you will find a delete button.
Remember! You can also use go28days for free.
Can I use go28days for free if I don't make the payments?
Yes, You can also use go28days for free.
If you don't make payment after 30 days, only a few basic options of your account will be blocked. You will be able to view all the available charts, add comments and change your personal settings. You don't have to give go28days up, you may still be a user.