All you need to know about My28days

How do I add pictures/photos?
Each photo must be placed on the Internet, to be visible. This means that by pasting the address (for the picture) in your browser's address field, the picture is displayed. Paste the following address to your browser and see if the picture is visible:
Correctly displayed the picture, means the ability to paste it anywhere on the Internet, and thus its visibility.
Place a picture on 28dni (in the comments) and paste it wherever you want and show your friends.
1. To do this, first add a comment (preferably under its chart). Next, click on (including the add a comment) to add the image and select an image from your own computer. After adding a comment, use the option - add or send a picture.
2. Display the image (by clicking on it) and copy the link to an image positioned under the photo. In our case it is when paste into their browser displays the image added.
From now on you can put a picture in the text boxes. Below you will find examples of how to display.
  • You can paste the picture in all the fields within 28dni which you can enter text data - the private notes, the comments, the messages, a description of my 28days. To do this, simply add the exclamation marks at the beginning and the end of the address -!!.

What is my description?
It is a place where you can put info about: who you are, what do you do for living, why do you use 28days and the other things. The description shows your aims, your personality, and most of all - lets other people establish contact with you. More than once it happens that it depends from your description whether you are going to become friends or not. The description is public.
What is my status?
Use the status description the same way as you do with an away message in the internet messengers. The info you add would be shown on the left panel and below your comments.
How to format the content?
Text formatting tags are available in all text fields, such as comments, private notes, descriptions.
Content after format…Formatting marks…
quoted text??quoted??
link description"link description":
What are the present statuses of users?
Icons inform you about the person's presence on
  • User_pro_online - User with the paid period of use.
  • Expert_online - Expert go28days
  • User_online - User tester for 30 days.