What to start from and how to start recording your Basal Body Temperature

1. Buy the proper thermometer to measure your basal body temperature (BBT).

It can be:

  • a) mercury thermometer,
  • b) ovulatory thermometer,
  • c) digital thermometer Microlife MT 1622.

Remember to use the same thermometer throughout the cycle. You can find a BBT thermometer at most pharmacies.

2. Set the time and place of BBT taking.

You have to take your BBT straight after waking up, after no less than 3hours of sleep, and before you even get out of bed.

Places of measurement:

  • Oral measurement (in mouth) is very comfortable but on account of differences of temperature in the individual parts under the tongue (lower in the front, higher in the back) it needs more precision and longer time (around 8min if using mercurial thermometer), with closed mouth. It is recommended mainly women and girls who haven"e;t had intercourse yet or have reasons to avoid vaginal or rectal measurement.
  • Vaginal measurement (in vagina) is very comfortable. It takes you around 5 minutes while using mercurial thermometer. On account of natural bacterial flora killing micro-organisms the thermometer doesn"e;t need any special hygienic treatment apart washing it in a warm water. Only fungal infections of the vagina may be a contraindication for this measurement.
  • Rectal measurement (in anus) maybe the least comfortable but the most stable if we take the result into consideration. It needs to maintain hygiene and conduct disinfection of the thermometer as well as oiling the thermometer before taking measure.

3. Get your thermometer ready.

Take your temperature before rising in the morning as any activity can raise your BBT. Keep your thermometer accessible from your bed so you do not have to get up to get it.

4. Start your BBT taking from the 5th or 6th day of the cycle.

Enter your data straight after measuring your BBT or if you don’t have enough time note it on the sheet of paper, enter into your mobile phone… try to enter it at the same day. Missing data, especially temperature data can skew the interpretation of your chart.

5. Try to pay attention to the feelings appearing in the vagina.

MYou may feel dryness, wetness or slippery. Clicking the corresponding cycle day in the calendar you will find “external observation” option - try to match the proper description of feelings. If you notice any mucus outside try to describe its features choosing the “appearance” and “consistency” from the list.

6. Start recording your BBT.

Observe your temperature every day and use the 28days notes; enter all the signs you notice and when you gather the proper number of temperature data, do the chart analysis.