You and your friends

How to add a friend?
You and your friends are closely related to each other and at the same time you can make more options available to each other than to other users.
To add a user as a friend, click on her username or avatar to enter the page description.
When you click on the add as a friend button, the system will send an internal message to that person with a link to accept. The same when the other person accepts your invitation you receive an internal message.
From that moment, all your cycles and cards, with access only for friends will be visible to the person who received and approved an invitation.
How does it work?
  • 1. You add a friend - the selected the person receives an internal message for approval after clicking on the "add as a friend" button.
  • 2. At the moment, the selected a person gains an access to all your charts and cards, which have the status "only available for friends".
  • 3. Only after acceptance of an invitation by a chosen person, you get access to their charts and cards made available only to friends.
I have added a friend. What now?
You have to wait until the other person accepts your invitation. When you clicked on the "add as friend" button the system sends an automatic message informing the added person about that.
What if I do not accept an invitation?
You don't have to accept an invitation of another person. You can wait until you know her closer and are sure that person may belong to a group of your friends.
Until you accept, you have full access to the person sending the invitation's charts. Only accepting the invitation allows the other person access to your resources available only to friends.
How to delete a friend?
Just click on the login or avatar chosen person and the delete button on friend page with its description. After this, the second person receives a short message informing them about the removal from your friends list. Thus, restricted access to your cycles and the cards made available only to friends.
You will still have access to the other person's charts and pregnancy cards available to her friends until you have been deleted as a friend by this person.
Inform a friend about 28days
Send a message via the service. If the invited person will use your login as a recommendation and pay the account you will receive a free month. Free month is not intended for persons who have never paid for an account.