Information on the fertility chart options



How do I enter data?
Within each cycle, you have at your disposal a calendar by means of it you enter data on the chart. By selecting a certain day of the calendar, you can access a form with a wide range of options.
A button with a light pink background Button_normal on the calendar means a lack of data, while a button with a yellow background Button_signed has entered data.
How do I remove the data from a particular day?
Select a specific date from the calendar. Click the last tab (below) called "Save more", remove the data. There you will find the button - Delete all data from that day.
How can I quickly add data to a few days?
Select a specific date from the calendar. Add to this day your own observations, and then click the last tab (bottom) Save more", remove the data.
There you will find the button - Save your changes and go to the next day. When you press, the data is recorded and for that date and the form moves to the next day. Next, you follow, as before.
How do I start a new cycle?
Select the option Add a new cycle. Fill in the required fields, i.e. the beginning of the cycle and on the basis of knowledge of you - the expected length of the cycle.
With the entered data you have already completed the creation of a new cycle. Additional options in the form are the name of the cycle, the places of measurement of temperature and type of thermometer used. These are optional, but very helpful.
How do I shorten the cycle length?
When the number of the days that you have written down when creating a new cycle is longer than the actual length it can easily be corrected.
To do this, select Edit and change number of the days in the cycle in the box expected cycle length. When you have entered the new cycle length, your cycle will be shortened.
How do I quickly add a new day to my cycle?
If you want to quickly add a new day, use the cycle button situated directly on the calendar. It can be used to increase the cycle length by one day at a time.
What are the temperatures states?
The display temperature has two states, normal and disturbed. Full circle Normal_temp means the normal temperature. Open circle (without filling) Disturb_temp means the temperature is disturbed, which is ignored by the lines on the chart.
What is a disturbed temperature?
The concept of the temperature can be understood in affected states such as a fever, states of a weakness, a fatigue, an exhaustion. On the chart it is marked by open circle. Disturb_temp
What kind of information is stored in a private note?
This space is for information that is too large to embed in a simple note to the day of the cycle. You can post the enormous range of data related to the conduct of the cycle, and any other events that will take place during the cycle. A private note is visible on the print PDF files.
The information particularly recommended:
  • the results of any research that is done,
  • the name of remedy (drugs, herbs) which at that time you have taken,
  • and any other information that you might find helpful (links to pages, images, etc.).
How to read the icons on the chart?
Moving the mouse cursor on the chart you notice that the icons and the points on the charts have information balloons.

Other chart signs

Ribbon he icon reminding you of the monthly breast test.
Ovu_tests Ovulation tests: negative, doubtful, positive.
High_icons Symptom of the cervix and cervical mucus.
Note Icons notes with the information balloon.
Pregnancy_tests Pregnancy tests: negative, doubtful, positive.