Help, what you need to know

How to activate an account?
After registering your account, the system will send you an email with an activating link. Check your email and follow the steps in the message (click the activating link). After that, your account becomes active.
How do I recover a forgotten login?
Complete a password recovery form. You will then receive an email containing a link to reset your password and login name in the content of message. The link will direct you to where you can change your password. You don't need to actually reset your password if you don't want.
You didn't get a message with an activation key?
You can rerun the activation process by using the password recovery form.
To do this, first log out and go to the password recovery section. Enter your email (used during registration) and accept the form.
The system will then send a message with a link that allows you to change your password to the provided email address. The link will direct you to where you can change your password and the system will activate your account.
If the system is unable to find your email address during the password recovery, it is possible that it was wrongly inserted during the registration process. Please report the problem to go28days help and we will help you to activate your account.
Remember to check your spam (junk) folder if you still do not receive an email from go28days.
Where can I find the regulation?
The regulation is available at
Is my data secure?
For facts on the data we collect and how we protect it, see page
How to contact us?
If you have any questions related to the operation of the site, don't hesitate to write us at
Who is the owner of go28days?
For information about the go28days site owner and how this site came into operation, please visit