Dynamic chart


The dynamically generated chart will collate all entered data for you. Each icon has an information tip which will teach you what they do. After preparing your chart you can share it with other 28days users in order to discuss and exchange opinions in the comments section.

Convenient calendar


The convenient calendar allows you to add your observations – you can add a new day of the cycle quickly, with the single click of a button. Customisable cycle names will make it easier to move around your stored data.

“Basic data” form


This form lets you enter daily temperature readings, taking into consideration the time of measurement. By entering data about intercourse, you can easily observe or assign the best moments to conceive.

“External observations” form


Here you enter all your observed external symptoms such as: periods, appearance and consistency of cervical fluid, and vaginal sensations. The data you enter will be represented by clear icons on the dynamically generated chart.

“Internal observations” form


If you observe your cervix the next tab is for you. Precise recording of three states (position, firmness and openness of your cervix) is enough to determine fertility signs, ovulation and post ovulation period.

“Tests” form


When you carry out a test you can easily insert data to the chart using this tab. You can choose from the following: ovulatory test (with negative, doubtful and positive options) and pregnancy test (blood and urine tests).

“Symptoms” form


Selecting a set of sensations to put on your chart will help you to observe all the factors which influence your body. They are displayed in the notes section on your chart and make interpretation of the data easier.

“Notes” form


The notes field can be used to write down all the information about your mood changes, temperature disruptions and other symptoms you observe.

Chart analysis


Here you can assign the last day of the relatively infertile phase, the minimum and maximum temperatures, the beginning of the luteal phase, the first day of the absolutely infertile phase, the day of ovulation, and the cervix and fluid peaks.

Chart sharing


Every chart you create can be shared with your friends in order to be discussed and browsed. You have the ability to administer your charts’ access settings. By inviting people to see your chart, you make it available for public discussion. With the help of other people’s observations, you can draw a more considered conclusion.



Friends are people you trust and have intimate ties with. By creating your friends list, you make a shared space for friends only. You can share information, comment on your charts, make analyses and discuss everything in the comments section.

Easy control of your cycles


Managing your list of cycles is a good way of monitoring you charts. From here you have quick access to view and edit your previous cycles.

Easy control of your cycles


When editing your cycle, you can add and change data such as the beginning of the cycle, the predicted length of the cycle, the name of the cycle and the method of taking temperature.

Personal “My 28days”


This section is very important because it allows other people to get to know you better. Everybody can read your description and see your friends list. My 28days is a kind of private card, with content chosen by you.

go28days profile


This was created to inform other users about the situation you are in, or what problems you have. The survey form contains questions which when answered will help others to get to know you better.

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