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The first observed cycle after discontinuation of hormonal contraception
Purpose: to avoid conception

After discontinuation of hormonal contraception the cycles may be longer, without temperature shift and with the disturbed pattern of cervical fluid.
In this cycle after reappearance and disappearance of cervical fluid finally it came to the proper evolution of fluid and the user managed to determine the day of the cervical fluid peak as well as observe the correct temperature shift.

After discontinuation of hormonal contraception the fertility starts from the beginning of the cycle and finishes in the evening of the 4th day of temperature shift, after the fluid’s peak.
The intercourse in this cycle in the evening of the 31st day no longer leads to conception.

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I'm postponing conception
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Legend: CD - Cycle day; M - Menses; Int - Coitus (intercourse); CFA - Cervical mucus appearance; CFC - Cervical mucus consistency ; VS - Vaginal sensations; IO - Internal observations; Cx - Cervix ; Bse- The icon reminding about monthly breast exam self-check