Without contraception, without fear, only knowledge and pure biology

Don't look for alternatives, only knowledge about your body will assure you comfort


After short biology lesson you will understand what rules control your body.

After your first correctly observed cycle you will see how your body works. Discover your natural fertility rhyhtm.

Read about cycle phases

Get to know go28days, learn options, collect information, analyze your fertility charts.

Read learning documents and gain knowledge about how your body works. By this way you will discover your natural rhythm.

Read about ovulation


Learn how to recognize signals sent by your body

Your body still sends special signals. Collect it on a fertility chart and learn how to analyze them.

Look how charting works


Observe your own body, collect information on the chart, analyze them get to your own aim.

Go28days options - slide show

Friend Community go28days

  • Comment and share your chart if you like.
  • Use our special pregnancy card if your are pregnant.
  • Analyse your charts to trace fertility days.

Read about hormonal transformations


The go28days is intended for use if you are:

  • Trying to conceive
  • Don't use contraception
  • Wanting to postpone or plan your pregnancy

Thanks to your natural rhythm observations you will:

  • Identify possible reasons for an extended time period when trying to conceive.
  • Prepare and plan best time to get pregnant.
  • Discover when you have the highest time of fertility.
  • Diagnose the state of your health.

Trace the future date of birth of your own child. Fill out a simple form and see the results. You can schedule up to 5 years ahead. Pregnancy calculator »